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John and Daryl were born and raised in South Amboy, NJ to Robert and Lorraine Munck. Their father worked for the railroad as a Union Ironworker. John started working with his dad on the weekends as a laborer when he was approximately 15 years old. At 17 with the help of his father he bought his first house and dump truck. Together they renovated the house and it has been a rental property ever since. That dump truck is also still running and used by Accurate Concrete to this day.

John started taking on small concrete jobs after high school working on the weekends and after work. He became an Ironworker and worked alongside his father at 21. Daryl and a friend would help with John’s growing concrete business. John continued to buy trucks, wheelbarrows, and concrete tools while Accurate Concrete continued to prosper.

Daryl also would become an Ironworker and they worked together for several years while continuing to invest their money together in the growing concrete business. Their grandfather was a Polish Immigrant Builder who could lay out plans for an entire project from his recliner. His wisdom was not wasted on his grandchildren.

South Amboy continued to grow and so did the family business. In 1993 Accurate Concrete was incorporated. By then experience and talent had grown and they employed approximately 5 employees. They decided to buy their first mobile mixer in 1993 when it was realized that they could bid their jobs cheaper if they mixed on site rather than order concrete from a barrel company.

In 1994 they bought a second mobile mixer, In 1995 they bought a third.

Accurate Concrete was run out of the family home for many years with the help of their mother and father but would relocate to a trailer near the Circle Truck Stop on Route 35.

In 1998 the property at 110 Main Street was purchased after another piece of property fell through. This property had already been zoned for industrial use with three warehouses from the original builders however a new plan was created for a commercial office building with yard space in back for Accurate Concrete to store their materials and mobile mix trucks.

In 2001 their father passed away and the building was renamed Robert F. Munck Professional Building in his honor.

They have worked all over the state of New Jersey as well as New York and Pennsylvania although most of their residential work has been done within the Monmouth and Middlesex Counties. If you walk around the city of South Amboy you are sure to see many sidewalks, driveways, aprons and curbs that have been installed by Accurate Concrete.

Accurate Concrete currently has five mobile mixers that they use both commercially and residentially. They are employed often for DOT jobs due to the fact that rapid set material cannot be used in the traditional barrel trucks. Rapid Set Concrete sets up quickly and can be driven on within hours which is why it is called for on this type of job.

Accurate Concrete
110 Main Street
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